Thursday, April 10, 2014

Catching Up

It has been a crazy week.

Monday we went to Legoland. We got to go with friends and that just makes it double the fun. Twizzler rode a rollercoaster without me for the first time. Skittles was a great big brother and held his hand when he got nervous. They were both all smiles when they got off the ride. Hershey even got to go on a few rides. He seemed to really like the safari the best.

Tuesday we were supposed to bring cupcakes to park day but it rained all day. We just brought the cupcakes over to Nana's house and hung out. The kids ate nearly all the cupcakes themselves. They did not like the red and yellow ones though. They only wanted the blue. We never eat food coloring so we can taste it now when we do have it.

Wednesday Twizzler had his yearly check up. He is perfectly healthy. Of course I already knew that. He has 20/20 vision and is in the 75% for height and the 60% for weight. Then at church, both boys were able to recite their bible verses for me in the car on the ride home. Twizzler said he is almost done with his book. Skittles said, he would be too except that his book is bigger. I told him his book is bigger because he is older. He needs to work in it more.

Today was really busy. We went to homeschool skate. Twizzler won 3rd place in the race. Hershey raced in his bare feet. I can tell that he wants to skate like the big kids. Skittles and his buddy were checking out all of the old arcade games. They seemed more interested in the ones with no screens and wires hanging out of them than the ones that were working.
We also had soccer tonight. I don't know how they are able to stand up after skating for 2 hours, much less play soccer but they did. If only I could harness that energy! I walked around the soccer field with one of the moms and Hershey strapped to my back.
After soccer, I came home and started dinner. Nana and Gpa came over to watch the boys. I was already running late so Nana finished up dinner for me. She even brought dessert and saved me some. Thursday nights are like medicine for my soul. I love being able to meet with other moms and talk about our kids, our families, our lives, and our great God. It is such a blessing to me. I am a grown woman and I can still say....

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