Tuesday, April 1, 2014


For today's post I decided to have the boys take turns narrating what we read to me.
  • Today in science, Nekeek's family and the Roberstons learned to catch fish. They used their hands. They put the sun behind their backs. Kneeling a little bit. when they saw a fish they grabbed it. It said to look in the water. You can see your reflection. Go somewhere high like a bridge and you can see the fish.  ~Twizzler
  • In history, we learned about a man named Kit Carson who was a very good hunter. One day he was marching with a bunch of men around lunch time. He said he left the place to go hunt and kill something to eat. He saw some elk and shot one but then there were 2 bears and he quickly dropped his gun and ran for a tree. He climbed the tree and broke a stick for a club and banged them both on the nose until they ran away. Then he got his gun and grabbed the elk and went back to the team. ~Skittles 
  •  Hershey and I played on the tablet this morning. I downloaded a bunch of new games for him. His favorite was the fishy game, Nemo's Reef, a game that his cousin loves as well.  

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