Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Where is the Snooze Button on a Toddler?

  1. Hershey woke up before anyone else this morning. He visited each person's bed and tried to give them a hug and kiss to wake them while say, "hi hi hi. I why oh"(I love you)
  2. He and Skittles played hide-and-go-seek for about an hour this morning. Hershey would walk around the house calling his brother's name. Twizzler would give away the hiding spot most of the time. When Hershey found him, he would say, "I see you." It was adorable. 
  3. I told Twizzler, "I would love to see you get 100% on your math today." He replied confidently, "Oh, I will," and he did. 
  4. Twizzler started reading Down Singing River. It is not on the HOD reading list but it is a second grade reader that a friend gave to me. He did very well. I only had to help him out with a few of the words. 
  5. Hershey and Skittles played on the piano this afternoon. I wish I could say it was a concerto of some kind but it was really just a bunch of banging on the keys and laughing. 
  6. Skittles read our history reading today. They took turns telling me their oral narration. 
S-We read about the Sloan's family trip. They rode on a wagon train to Santa Fe. 
T-The driver said, "We are ready," and they started off for the long journey. They went to a tall grass buffalo prairie. While they were going to spend the night, there were loud noises outside. 
S-Indians came and took all their horses. They had to buy all new horses. 
T-Then one day an Indian came in and stole all of their money so she couldn't go on the trip anymore. Their trip was over. 
S-They had to walk for a long time.
T-They got dropped off. The widow thought she was going to cry because she couldn't make it and the journey was over. 
S-She only made it to Albuquerque.

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