Wednesday, April 23, 2014


  1. In history we read about how immigrants traveled to America by ship. It was neat to read because I think that is a part of most American families history. My grandparents came over from Sweden around 1912. Their voyage would have been similar.
  2. I did not get science done today because Hershey is still very sick and just wanted to "huddle" (cuddle) all day. 
  3. The boys vocabulary words today were immigrant, wrangler, and botanizing which I changed to the root word botany since out of 5 different dictionaries, non had the word botanizing. I had to Google it and the definition is the same as botany. 
  4. In English, the boys had to write a paragraph about something they have seen and felt. Skittles wrote about "A Rollercoaster- I saw the drop. It takes you up. The chain pulling you goes tick-tick-tick. It tickles you when you go down." Twizzler wrote about airplanes- "I saw a plane take off. It is loud. You can't see it."

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