Tuesday, April 22, 2014


  1. In history we read about cattle drives. We learned that it took a long time and a lot of hard work but the cowboys were able to sell the cattle for ten times the profit in Chicago than in Texas. 
  2. In science we compared the different things that we might find in a general store in pioneer times versus a modern store. 
  3. This week I started having the boys do their English work separately. I want them both to get used to working on their own. Next year they will be in two different books. It has been great because they are not fighting over the book. 
  4. Skittles got all of his work done early and had a lot of time to go outside and play. He invited the boy upstairs to play in his room. They played Minecraft together. 
  5. Twizzler took longer to get all of his work done but he took his time and did it right. Even when Skittles had gone off to play, he stayed focused and got his work done. 
  6. I took Skittles and Twizzler to our park day Easter party. It was fun. The kids had an egg hunt and then took off to play with their friends. Hershey had stayed home with Nana and Gpa because he is still very sick. 
  7. Hershey required a lot of hugs, cuddles, and attention all day. I am hoping and praying that he starts feeling better very soon. 

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