Monday, April 21, 2014


When you homeschool, you all look forward to spring break. I can't wait to wake up and not have to round up the kids for lessons. We spent our morning at the doctors office. Hershey has a double ear infection. Then I spent most of the afternoon cuddling that poor, sick baby boy.

  1. While I was cuddling him, Skittles and Twizzler stood over us and blew bubbles. It was the first time I saw Hershey smile all day. I asked him, "Do you have the best brothers ever?" He nodded and said, "Ever, Ever." 
  2. We all laid on my big king size bed while Skittles read about John Muir in our history book. 
  3. When they had finished their spelling and dictation, I asked them to rewrite it all in their very best writing. I told them that they need to always try to use their best penmanship when they are doing school work. 

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