Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pretty Boring Day

We all spent the whole day in our jammies. I really should have gone grocery shopping but I have not had an entire day where I could be lazy in so long that I decided to stay in.

  1. We read about the civil war in history today. It was too brief of an overview so we watched an episode of Civil War by Ken Burns on Netflix. I want to watch one per day for the next week. I am glad they got to see a reenactment on Sunday. Talk about perfect timing. 
  2. We learned a little bit about weather today. There are different kinds of clouds for different kinds of weather. We learned that the clouds in the sky tell us if rain is coming. This lesson did not take into account Florida rain storms though. There was not a cloud in the sky when Skittles went outside. Then the sky suddenly opened up and poured down on his head. 
  3. Our vocabulary words today were civil war and rivalry. Twizzler defined civil war as a war within a country. His sentence was, "We saw a civil war reenactment." He drew an amazing picture of the war we saw complete with horses, cannons, and lots of soldiers with guns. Skittles defined rivalry as an effort to get something that someone else wants. I had to check it to be sure that was the correct definition and it was.
  4. Hershey has been a real character today. He has been playing with his superheroes. He brings them to me and asks me to put them inside the car or motorcycle. Then he takes them out and asks me to do it all over again. 

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