Monday, April 28, 2014

School by the Pool

The kids were having a hard time staying focused on their school work today. They kept fighting, playing, and goofing off. It was a beautiful day so we packed up our school work and took it down to the pool. It is amazing how quickly they can get their work done with a sparkling fresh pool a mere 5 feet away.

  1. We started reading about the Wright brothers today. Skittles has been looking forward to reading this book ever since we got it in the mail last year. Both boys hung on my every word. 
  2. We are working on rhyming words in English. Twizzler's handwriting is still pretty atrocious but he is starting to understand the difference between a rhyming word and word that has the same beginning sound. 
  3. Skittles aced his dictation passages. 
  4. Hershey preferred to sit on the first step at the pool and splash his feet. Although he did eventually go in while I held him. 

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