Friday, April 25, 2014

Simple Machines

  1. Twizzler ran really far in PE class. In handwriting he wrote all of his lowercase letters. 
  2. Skittles made a secret project for mother's day in art. Then he did some reviews in writing. 
  3. Hershey was feeling MUCH better today. He actually played and participated at co-op. He painted a W with water colors. Although I am not sure how much phonetics he is able to grasp when he pronounces water, "Lah-durr"
Then we were invited to visit the co-op at our church. The boys had a great time because they already knew all of the kids because we see them all week long. The boys were able to "crash" some of the classes.

  1. Skittles learned about how God made the world in the Apologetics class.
  2. Twizzler got to build a warrior in the Lego class. 
  3. Both boys got to go to the hands on science class and make a balloon impossible to pop and then make one pop and shoot water all over them. 
  4. Hershey and I had fun peeking in all the classes and seeing how they do things. 
When we came home we did more school work.
  1.  The boys played Monkey Math. 
  2. We added to our timelines for history and discussed how John Muir began the conservation of endangered species. Then we drew some extinct animals.
  3. In science we made some experiments using simple machines.                                                        

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