Friday, May 2, 2014

Ark to Zebra

  1. In my music class, Twizzler and the other kids learned about boats. We read a book about Noah's Ark and then drew our own with crayons and painted over them with water colors. 
  2. In art Skittles drew a dragon. 
  3. In my letter of the week class, we finished up with the letter Z. We mad a zebra. Hershey was very excited that he got to use scissors to cut out the black stripes. 
  4. In Skittle's writing class, they learned about -ly words. 
  5. In Twizzler's math class, they had used snacks to do math problems and then they ate them. 
  6. Meanwhile, Hershey was stacking blocks in the nursery and counting along with me. He made it all the way up to 8 blocks high before he would either knock them down or let them fall down. 
  7. After co-op we helped a friend move some boxes into her new home. Skittles and Twizzler were such good helpers. I got a bunch of coupons to T.G.I.Fridays so I took the kids there as a reward. They were so well behaved. I had 2 different couples come over and compliment me on their behavior. It really was a fun night out. We had some great conversations while we waited for dinner. 

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