Saturday, May 3, 2014


You know how toddlers go through a phase where they prefer one parent over the other. Well, Hershey only has one parent so he is doing that with Skittles and Twizzler. He only wants Skittles to hold him, play with him, and push his stroller or sit beside him. He does not prefer Skittles to me. He prefers Skittles over Twizzler and it is really hurting Twizzler's feelings. 
Meanwhile Skittles and Twizzler are fighting CONSTANTLY over EVERYTHING! They are just sick to death of each other. I am sick of the fighting. They need to have some separation. They are together too much. They have to share EVERYTHING; toys, clothes, Mom, and a bedroom. So last night I decided that I am going to change all of that. I moved Twizzler into Hershey's room. 
I am hoping this keeps them a bit more accountable for the messes that they create also. They have not been keeping their room clean and putting their dirty clothes in the laundry or putting their clean clothing in their drawers. There is a lot of finger pointing that goes on. Now each boy has his own laundry hamper, and his own clothing drawers. There will not be any finger pointing. Every night when I tuck them in, I can make sure they have cleaned up after themselves. 
I hope it brings Hershey and Twizzler closer together and gives Skittles and Twizzler the separation that they need. So far so good. It has only been one day and already Hershey has been playing with Twizzler more. I think Skittles and Twizzler only had one fight this afternoon. I was accused of ruining Twizzler's life because I did not make Skittles lend him his DS but by bedtime, everyone was happy again. especially me because for the first time in probably a year, every room in my house was *clean.*

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