Sunday, May 4, 2014

2 birds, 1 Stone

  1. We started off the day by cleaning off the table, uh, I mean painting the table with shaving cream. It started off pretty tame with only Hershey and Twizzler drawing in their own small circles but then Skittles came in and squirted like the entire can of cream onto the table and chairs. My dining room furniture is nice and clean now and the kids had a blast. 
  2. At lunch, Hershey managed to stick his bowl of chips onto the back door. LOL. Skittles was impressed that no chips had fallen out during the process.
  3. This afternoon we went to the end of the year ceremony for Trail Life. Skittles received his Mountain Lion badge. Twizzler received his Hawk badge. Hershey just ran around the sanctuary and made a lot of noise. ugh. I went home with a headache. 
  4. After a very brief rest, I got up and made dinner and sewed a diaper together for a friend of mine who had a baby girl yesterday. 
  5. I made a salad and some spaghetti. The kids all voluntarily ate the salad first. It was pretty yummy. 
  6. When bed time came around, I told the kids they had 10 minutes to get their bedrooms "inspection ready." They had been playing all day and I thought for sure there would be some kind of mess but even Hershey picked up his toys. When I came in to tuck them all in, both bedrooms looked just as great as they did on Friday night. 
  7. So far the new sleeping arrangements are working out how I had hoped. Hershey now asks Twizzler to play with him. And before bed, Skittles and Twizzler hugged each other good night. 

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