Tuesday, May 13, 2014

End of the Year... or Curriculum for Homeschoolers

I saw this funny link on my FB feed this week. I felt like I could relate to a few of the things on here but really, I wanted to make one for homeschoolers.

1. Breakfast on Unit 1 day 1. 

Breakfast on Unit 29 day 2....

And it is not even toasted. 

2. Organization Unit 1 day 1....

Organization on Unit 30, day 2. 

"I don't have a pencil."
"I can't find my spelling notebook."
"Where is your math worksheet for lesson 100?"
"There are no SWORDS at the table!!!!"

3. First science project of the year.

categorizing unilateral and bilateral sea shells

Last science project of the year...

"Look kids, gravity,"

4. Geography the first week of school. 

"Trace the continent of South America with your finger."

Week 30  I have no picture because we have not done a geography lesson in weeks. I am lucky if we can make it through the 3 R's without someone having a meltdown. 

5. Math at the beginning of the year.
"I can't find what I want so I will make a worksheet."

Math at the end of the year. 

"Just draw it out on the whiteboard."

6. English and writing week 3. 

"Remember to space." :)

Writing week 29

I don't care anymore...."
WHY hasn't his handwriting improved AT ALL????

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