Thursday, May 15, 2014

Field Trip!!!!

  1. The kids got their spelling, dictation, and English done bright and early this morning so that we could go on a field trip and enjoy the day. 
  2. We went with another homeschool family to Marineland. I have lived near Marineland half of my life but I had never been there before. It was free admission today so I thought we should take advantage. The kids enjoyed seeing the animals up close. 
  3. I had no idea that Hershey even knew what a dolphin was but he saw them and squealed, "Look Mama, dolphin!" 
  4. After the show it started to rain. We ran to the car for cover and drove home. I LOVE to drive A1A. It is so beautiful. I like to imagine myself living in a beach front condo one day. 
  5. Right around the corner from my house is a chocolate factory. They give free tours on the hour. We decided to run over and take the tour but we got there 9 minutes late. We ended up buying a few pieces of chocolate instead. Skittles picked out a white chocolate star fish. Twizzler picked out a milk chocolate crocodile. I got Hershey a little chocolate starfish also. I bought a couple of truffles for my friend and me. 
  6. Twizzler is learning how to tell time in math. He is learning phrases like, "half past" and "quarter till." I have a little dry erase clock that I use to teach this concept by drawing lines that divide the clock into quarters. Then I have him show me the time using the hands. Then we look at how much of the clock the hand has passed since it pointed to the 12. 
  7. Skittles read our history to us today. He read about Chanute requesting Wilbur to come speak. He did not want to accept and was not sure what he could speak about since he had only built a few bicycles and one glider up to that point. 

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