Thursday, May 22, 2014

School by the Pool

We are wrapping up our school year. It is funny that I am excited to be done and at the same time excited to start next year.

  • Today when I asked Twizzler to come do his math he had a meltdown. He did NOT want to do math. I decided to pack up our school work and take it to the pool. 
  • It was a beautiful day. We got a great spot in the shade. 
  • There was a tree service cutting down a tree right across from us. The kids enjoyed watching them take the tree down, Hershey especially. 
  • Even though Twizzler finished his happy handwriting book, I am having him do some more handwriting from a dollar store book. Next year he is starting cursive. I want his printing to be legible before we move on to cursive. 
  • Skittles is having a lot of trouble with the number lines. The disk that comes with the program is scratched so badly that it can't be used. So I am having to teach him and he is NOT getting it. I never learned number lines in school so I am not sure how to even teach him to use one, or if I am teaching him correctly. I broke down and called the company and bought a replacement disk for $15. ugh. Total bummer but it has to go through 2 more kids. 
  • This evening Skittles and Twizzler were too hot to participate in soccer but Hershey jumped in and played. he and the coached kicked the ball back and forth a couple of times. It was super cute. 

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