Friday, May 23, 2014

Swimmers Ear

What a day!
  • We had friends come over to play bright and early in the morning. Hershey woke up when they came in. He was still in a daze when he saw his friend and sleepily exclaimed, "Au-sin!" and ran into his arms. 
  • There were 4 boys in my living room all playing Minecrafton their tablets today. Hershey just walked around and went from lap to lap to see who had the most interesting thing on their screen. 
  • All 6 of us played on the playground for awhile. We discovered a new bug. We were not able to identify it though. It looked like an ant with wings and white bands around its ankles??? Do bugs have ankles??? If they did, that is where the bands were. They looked like bracelets. 
  • After the park we went to the pool. The kids had a blast. I felt sorry for the adults that probably went there during school hours to avoid being splashed and to relax. Sorry folks. Hershey made a little friend his age. He also ventured out into the water in his swim vest without holding onto Mommy. I think he will be taking of in no time. 
  • We came home and said goodbye to our friends, ate lunch, and did some school. 
  • Both boys started measurement today. "A ruler is really just a number line that you use to measure things." They had to figure out how long something is using fractions. They both were puzzled by the concept until I divided the 1/4 inches on the ruler like rectangle divided into 4 equal parts. I had them draw a line from the object being measured, through the ruler. Then color in the fraction that it went past. Twizzler understood it right away. Skittles still struggled with the whole thing. I am not sure how to help him understand it is 5 WHOLE inches and 1/4 of an inch. I think it is just the end of the year and he is tired of doing math.  
  • After math was complete, some more friends showed up. We all went BACK to the pool. It was an tiring day but also a whole lot of fun. I really have no idea why I am still awake.  Oh yeah, to blog this and to check to see if this meteor shower is worth waking the kids up.

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