Monday, May 19, 2014

You Might be a Charlotte Mason Homeschooler if....

  • You have a bookshelf full of classic stories in every single room of the house and you have actually read most of them. 
  • You also have a library card for every member of the family and have maxed them all out on loans. 
  • You know what the word 'twaddle' is. 
  • Your child is in fourth grade and has never read out of a textbook. 
  • You carry a field guide and a notebook with you every time you go to the park just in case you want to sketch and study a bit of nature. 
  • The first sentence your child ever wrote was copied from a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson. 
  • Your children have never completed a worksheet. 
  • You have created a timeline every single way imaginable.
I love the Charlotte Mason method. I have been using it since Skittles was in Kindergarten. It just makes sense to me that kids will retain information more when they can relate to it. I admit that I have been overwhelmed by the amount of reading that I do each day. I read a chapter of classic literature, a chapter from a history book, and a chapter from a science book. It is worth it though when I see that my kids are really learning the stuff we are reading. And not just learning it but enjoying it.

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