Monday, June 30, 2014

Florida Weather

Since it is summer, I have been taking a break from blogging. We are still keeping busy though.  The boys attended vacation bible school at Nana's church last week. They learned that Jesus was more than just a good man. They used a secret agent theme to investigate the life of Jesus. They had so much fun making crafts and playing games. Skittles felt very honored that his friend Ms. P made snacks specially for him that avoided his numerous allergies. On the final night they performed some of the songs they learned all week. They did a great job. Twizzler conquered his fear of being on stage and performed proudly. 

One day on the way home we got to witness a giant thunderhead off the interstate that was full of lightning flashes. It looked like the grand finale of a fireworks display. This got Skittles and Twizzler very curious about thunderstorms. Luckily today our local meteorologist gave a presentation at the library. After the presentation the audience was able to ask questions. Skittles asked, "Why does a thunder head look like a mushroom cloud from an atomic bomb." The answer was that when the storm hits the higher levels of the atmosphere they are able to spread out farther and are carried by the wind. Twizzler asked, "Why does thunder hurt your car but not you when it hits you car?" The answer was, that thunder is only a sound that is the result of lightning so it can set off your car alarm but will not harm anything. Lightning however is hotter than the surface of the sun. Therefore if it hits your car it can melt many of the components. You are protected a little bit from the rubber insulation on your tires but the safest place to be in a storm is in your house. 

On beach day, we arrived to beautiful sunny and clear skies. We had only been there 5 minutes when I heard thunder. I looked over my shoulder and out of no where, a storm cloud was forming above us. It was quite a sight to see. I took a few pictures and tried my best to capture the clarity of the sky on one side and the darkness on the other. It looked like someone drew a line in the sky. The weather cut our trip short but we still had a good time with our friends. 

Weather in Florida is so amazing. I love the sound of thunderstorms and after experiencing a few droughts, I will take my chances with daily rain storms than daily brush fires. 

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