Wednesday, June 18, 2014

There And Back Again

We kept learning everyday even while we were far away. Here are some fun things we learned while on vacation.

  1. Day 1 was spent on the road. Twizzler kept track of the states we drove through and Skittles learned how to read a map.
  2. Day 2 we went to a pirate festival. The boys learned about the different types of weapons pirates used. 
  3. Day 3 was Sunday. We went to church. The boys all loved Auntie's church. Skittles teacher was very impressed. I loved the church too. 
  4. Day 4 we went kayaking in Auntie's pond. 
  5. Day 5 was beach day and even though we were 600 miles away we went to the beach. Auntie took us to Yorktown. 
                        Since we were already in Yorktown we drove by the battlefield and the kids climbed in the cave that Cornwallis hid in during Washington's siege. 
  6. Day 6 we went to the mall to meet up with a couple of my Cafemom friends. Our babies were all born in March 2012. I brought my nephew. There were 2 year old boys all over the place. It was pretty neat. 
  7. Day 7 we went to Jamestown settlement. We mapped the voyage and toured the boats that carried the English to Virginia.             
                         We got to see what Jamestown looked like in 1607. The boys spent close to an hour in the guard shack learning about all the different kinds of weapons the English brought to the New World. All 3 boys tried on armor. Then they went to the armory and just stared at the ammunition.                                         
                          After we walked around the settlement and saw what it looked like 400 years ago, we went a mile down the road to the actual archaeological site. We learned the gross details of the "starvation period." We got to see site of the church where Pocahontas was baptized and married.
                  We also saw, the well that John Smith dug. In the museum, we saw the actual skeletons of some of the first settlers. Then we walked through the town that grew out of the fort over the following years. The boys recognized the type of fences that they built with their Lincoln Logs.  
  8. On day 8 we drove all the way up to Rhode Island. We got to hang out with Mom's family. We all went camping for the first few days. We made yummy dinner by the campfire.                                                    
                              It was delicious meatloaf, baked potatoes, green beans, and carrots. 
  9. Hershey learned how to peddle a bicycle with training wheels. He spent most of the trip going from one riding toy to the next.
  10. I got to spend a lot of time with my nephews. The twins, who are only 10 months old have decided to follow in their father, (my brother's) footsteps, figuratively speaking anyway. They learned to walk while I was there.
  11. The rest of the vacation is a blur. It was relaxation mixed with fellowship, silliness, and a touch of stomach flu. Twizzler got sick on the 5th day and was sick for the rest for the vacation. Poor kid was so sick that he could not leave the bed for a few days. On our last day there, he was so sad that he had missed out on most of the vacation. Grampy built a fire in the back yard and Grammy laid out a cot for him to rest on while we sat by the fire. 
  12. We got very lucky with our journey home. We were able to avoid most of the traffic. We stayed the night at Auntie's house on our way home. It was a LONG journey and like all adventures there is nothing quite like coming home at the end of it. 

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