Saturday, August 9, 2014

School Books

I finally got ALL of the boys school books. I am so excited!

We are going to be doing history and science together but the boys have their own books to work in. I could have bought them 2 different science books but I thought it would be nice to have them take turns reading the science lessons aloud and following along in their own books. I will read the history lessons aloud and they will work in their journals independently.

Skittles books

Math- Teaching Textbooks 5 (but he still has some lessons from TT4 to finish up first. 
Writing and picture study- Pictures in Cursive books B and Book C
Reading- AO booklist and 2 days per week a reading comprehension page from the Spectrum workbook.

Twizzler's books

Math- Teaching Textbooks 4 (but he still has several lessons to finish in TT3)
Writing and picture study- Pictures in Cursive Primer and Book A
Reading- Library books and 2 days per week a reading comprehension page from the Spectrum workbook

Hershey's books

History- He can listen along as we read history. I will print off free coloring pages online for him. 
Science- Again, he will listen to our reading and color pages. 
Math- puzzles, counting bears, coloring pages (He loves to color)
English- He is 2 so, I will be speaking English to him. That should cover all he needs to know. 
Writing- pre-writing activities; tracing dotted lines, finger painting, etc.
Reading- library books and I will do my best to work on phonics with him. Yes, he is young but the more often I mention that A makes the 'ah' sound now, the easier it will be for him to remember that... I hope. 

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