Sunday, August 10, 2014

Workboxes... Well, Kind of Anyway...

When I first learned about Workboxes, I wanted to try it out right away but I did not have the space. I had to change them a bit to fit my needs. So I came up with what I call, "Workbinders." They have evolved every year to meet the needs of my children.

Here are the links to the workbinders I have created in past years.
first year
second year
third year
fourth year

and this year.....

drum roll please....

Do some of them look familiar? Yeah, I admit that last year we stopped using the binders after only a few weeks. So we basically had 2 brand new binders. I am bringing the binders back this year because last year we all had a hard time keeping track of what was completed and what needed to get done. We are mostly working out of workbooks so the binders are not going to be keeping all of their work in there so much as letting them know what needs to be done and in what order. 

I made a planner page on Microsoft Excell that lists each of the subjects to be completed weekly. Each day I will write in the boxes what needs to be done and when it is complete, I will check it off. That way, hopefully, we can't fall behind. I am not super thrilled with the way the planner page turned out. I will be tweaking it this week and hopefully, I will have something to share with you all next week. I wanted to buy a couple this year because Queen DOES make some that are PERFECT but I could not afford them this year.

Each subject gets a divider page. The dividers have pockets so if there is anything that they completed that is not in the workbook itself, they can put it in the pocket and I can move it into their portfolio at the end of the week. I also added blank notebook paper if they need it for any reason. 

This year Hershey has a binder too. Today he decorated it with pirate stickers. He loves pirates. He calls them, "Yo ho!" His binder only has 3 subject pages. One for math, one for "reading," and one for science/history pages. Basically they are all coloring pages but if he likes doing school this year as much as he did last year, I think this will make him feel very important. 

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