Monday, August 11, 2014

First Day of SCHOOL

Public school does not start for one more week here but I decided to start early so that we can take frequent breaks as needed without getting too far behind like we did last year. 

We started off our morning with pancakes for breakfast. That is the boys favorite. 

After breakfast I asked them to pull out their binders so we could go over how to use them. Even Hershey had his binder. 

We started off with Language lessons. 

Skittles lesson was to write a narration about a picture in the book. There were questions to answer orally but I had him write the answers out in full sentences using proper grammar. It is still less work than he was used to doing last year using Rod and Staff English and I want him to practice those rules daily if possible. 

Twizzler just gave me an oral narration for his picture. He was so excited when he answered his 4 questions and I said, "Okay you are done." 

Hershey colored a letter A for apple. I helped him trace the A, "down, down, across." Then I let him color it. I have a plan for this page at the end of the week.

Twizzler was the first one done with his Language lessons so I sent him off to do his math. Right away he got the first two problems wrong. Then the next problem was 36x7. He claimed that he forgot how to multiply. DEEP BREATH. I tried to work with him through the problem but he forgot all of his math facts. So I had him copy all the multiples of 6.

Skittles math did not go well today. I had to call in for reinforcements. Gpa came over to help him. I wish I had the patience to do it with him but I just don't. It never ends well. Math... I hate math. That is all I am going to say about it since this is a happy blog.

Hershey played with a shapes puzzle. I was very impressed that he was able to complete it very quickly with no help. 

Then we did history together. We read about the first days of creation. Then the boys did a page in their journal. I asked them what the expanse between the 2 waters were. Skittles said, "The atmosphere and the clouds."

Twizzler called it the sky. 

I am working with Hershey to memorize his first bible verse, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." He colored a picture with the verse.

After history, I introduced them to our new spelling program. I bought the Queen spelling books but I am using them a little bit different than the author recommends. Instead of just letting them copy the words, I wrote them on the white board. I have them read the word, spell the word and then read it again. Then I erase the word and they have to write it from memory.

After they write all of the new words, I let them see the book page and check their work. If they misspelled any word, they write that word correctly 3 times. Then I lead them to read and memorize the first sentence in the book. Then I read it to them aloud while they dictate it. If they forget how to spell one of the words, the list is on the same paper so they can look at it for help. The idea is for them to be able to recall the word from memory. This was Twizzlers first time doing dictation. He did wonderfully.

For science we read the first chapter in All Nature Sings. I let the boys take turns reading aloud. I think it helps Twizzler to read more fluidly when he follows along while Skittles reads. 

After reading, they each did their own journal page. Here is Skittles page.

And Twizzler's journal page.

Finally they began their new writing books. Skittles wrote his first sentence. 

Twizzler began cursive today!!!! He did sooo well. I was afraid that he was not ready but he made some beautiful A's. 

We did not do any reading today because we had to read for science and history. I felt like in the past we were reading too much during the day. I want them to want to read. Sure enough when we were done with school for the day, Twizzler asked if he could read a book. 

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