Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Park Day

We had some friends over today so we had a very relaxed day. We still got our work done though. 
  • In science we colored a white oak tree to make it look the way it does in autumn. We copied the coloring from a picture I found on Google Images. Basically we found that their colors can range from yellow to bright red. 
  • I was very proud of Twizzler when one of the words in his sentences for dictation was "worship" and he spelled it correctly from memory. Skittles dictation went perfectly too. 
  • Both boys did a beautiful job on their writing today. 
  • We got to take a break and go to the park and play for a bit. It was SUPER hot and after only 30 minutes a storm blew in but we did get to make some new friends so it was worth it. 
  • In history we read about the next 3 days of creation and added them to our journal pages. 
  • Math went much better today. They did their lectures on the computer and worked out the problems on paper. 
  • Twizzler read a chapter from his favorite book Down Singing River. 
  • Skittles did a page out of his reading comprehension book. He did not understand a lot of what they were asking from him. I need to work with him on it tomorrow. I am glad I got this workbook. 

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