Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ancient Egypt

I am not going to lie. It was a rough day today. We ended up missing out on skate day because school work was not done in time. There was much crying and gnashing of teeth. I grounded the kids from TV and video games....... Then I remembered that their history assignment was to watch a video on Ancient Egypt and to build a pyramid and sphinx on Minecraft.... OOPS!

After sentences were copied the appropriate amount of time and all other school work was completed, I decided to show them grace and let them do their history "work."

Here is a link to the video that we streamed off of Amazon Prime, Ancient Egypt and the Pyramids
If you do not have Amazon Prime you can check out these videos on You Tube about Egypt

After the video, the boys added Egypt to their timelines and Skittles wrote a narration about the chapter. 

After 3 attempts at spawning a desert world for Twizzler I finally gave up and we attempted to clear some land for a pyramid using TNT. Twizzler may have gone a bit overboard. He was laughing maniacally as he piled up the TNT blocks. It turned out to be a giant crater. We finally gave up. We will try again tomorrow.

If you want a couple of books to go along with the unit Magic Treehouse has Mummies in the
Morning and a companion book about the facts of Ancient Egypt. 
  • Hershey colored a picture of a desert. He has been bored using crayons so this week I have been letting him color with pens, pencils, and markers. 
  • Skittles had to complete a limerick in Language Lessons today. It was much harder on him than I would have ever thought. I had to really slowly walk him through the process. Twizzler learned that names start with a capital letter. He wrote out his full name 
  • In science the boys looked up several verses about how God takes care of us. Then they copied their favorite one into their journal. Twizzler has been struggling with writing and cried when he opened the page and saw all those lines. I told him I would not make him write his science work. So after he read his verses, I asked him to type up his favorite one and why. Then he printed it out, cut it up, and added it to his book. 

  • Both boys passed their spelling tests. Skittles only made one little mistake. Twizzler got every word right. :) 

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