Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Nature Studies

We have had a new nature study opportunity every day this week so far.

On Monday we found a family of squirrels who are nesting in my grandparents front porch.

Yesterday our security guard called us over during our nightly walk to show us a huge purple, great land crab. 

Today during park day Skittles caught a very pretty little brown anole lizard. 

Whenever we find a new critter, we observe it for awhile and then we look it up in our Florida Field Guide. Sometimes we have to run a Google search to learn more. We have made our best nature discoveries by accident. 
  • Skittles math lesson today was on addition and subtraction. He got a 100%. Twizzler aced a quiz. Hershey played with the unifix cubes. 
  • Skittles learned what a limerick is in Language. Twizzler learned that a sentence always begins with a capital letter. 
  • In history we read about the Rosetta Stone. Then they drew a picture of it in their journals along with a list of things they have learned about Egypt. 
  • In science we read about how to prepare food stores for the winter. We read a recipe on how to dry fruits. I think that Florida is too humid to attempt drying them out naturally. So I am going to look up how to do it in the oven. I found a pin with instructions. 
  • Hershey colored a drum to add to his D page. 

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