Tuesday, September 2, 2014


We had another smooth and easy day. I am starting to feel a bit spoiled. Let's see....

  • In math Skittles is learning how to find the patterns in numbers. I am so impressed by how quickly he has picked this up since it it something I have always failed to grasp. Twizzler used the unifix cubes today to help him with his math. He got a 100%. Hershey played 52 card pick up when he got into my alphabet and counting cards. He dumped them all over the ground and then had the privilege of picking them back up. This is what I like to refer to as natural consequences. 
  • Skittles learned about stanzas in language lessons. He counted how many stanzas his poem from last week had. Hershey and I talked about snow. He had to describe it to me. He did a pretty good job for a Florida boy. Hershey colored a dolphin blue, purple, and gray. 
  • Twizzler learned how to write a cursive K and k today. I am really proud of how nice his cursive writing is. 
  • History was fun. We read some more about Egypt. Then they had to make a pyramid. I had them each write some things that they know about Egypt on their pyramids. They looked really nice until Hershey got a hold of them. 
  • In science the boys had to journal about what things people do to prepare for winter. Twizzler drew pictures of people going to the store and burning fires in a fireplace. Skittles wrote about harvesting crops, hunting and preparing meat stores, and even making blankets. 
  • Twizzler did his oral review for spelling along with his friend. One of their words was even the same. Then they played a game with sight words. I wrote them on the board and they took turns reading them. if they got it right, they got a point. It was a really fun way to practice. 

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