Friday, September 19, 2014

Fried Out Friday

Friday is co-op day.

  • Hershey was in my Preschool class. We had a lot of fun learning about transportation. We connected an airplane to a cloud for our prewriting. We made a counting train for math. We made a stoplight for our craft. Then we traveled around the room like airplanes, trains, boats, horses, etc. Finally, just for fun, we went on a bear hunt. 
  • Skittles tried to build the tallest tower with cups, toothpicks and packing peanuts in team building. 
  • Twizzler made a person out of boxes and straws. He said it was Batman. He had to color it black and gray because the only paper was colorful. 
  • Skittles and Twizzler played sharks and minnows in P.E. 
We took a break for a while and visited with grandparents who just come home from vacation. Then we went to Worship by the sea. I can't tell you how blessed I am for going there. My cup was filled both literally and figuratively. I was surrounded by love and prayers. It is humbling to see how greatly God cares for my little family. Hershey brought me some pretty little flowers during the service and afterwards I took my 3 boys for a relaxing walk on the beach. I came so close to just sitting at home tonight feeling sorry for myself but I made myself get out and go. I am so glad I did. 

  • Skittles had to complete some sentences by adding either the subject or the predicate. Twizzler had to read a story about an animal and then narrate it to me. He chose to read, The Saggy Baggy Elephant.  Twizzler looks in the book to help him remember the way the story went. 
"Today I read about the baby elephant. It likes to dance it does 1, 2, 3 kick. And it does that almost 2 times. There was a bird that laughed at that little elephant. And he lived alone and he was trying to lose some sag. He rubbed his skin but it came down with dozens of wrinkles. Then he saw a tiger and he asked him, 'How do you have your skin fitting?' He likes to work out. Then the tiger said, if you can't do it. I can nibble off some pounds. But he said no thank you. He ran and rolled on his back, walked on his back feet, and walked on his front feet. He got to the lake and had a drink. The parrot came and laughed and told him that he should go in the water to loose some pounds. But when he went in the water, there was a big hungry crocodile looking at Sooki's ears. Then Sooki ran to a deep dark cave and cried. Then Sooki peeped out to look out and there was a hungry lion. He ate some animals but he was still so hungry that he could eat an elephant. Then a big herd of elephants came and made the hungry lion jump and ran away as fast as he could. Then  they partied. They did 1, 2, 3 kick again. And then Sooki said he wished he was as big as them and that is the end and there is just a picture. "
  • Skittles is learning Roman numerals still. He got 100%. Twizzler is learning about the months of the year. The poem was confusing him. I could never remember it either. I taught him the knuckle trick. 
  • Skittles read Chapter 3 of The Story For Kids. Then I had him narrate it to me. 
"Well I read that um Joseph was being tricked because his father liked Joseph most. He loved him so much that he gave him a colorful robe and his brothers were jealous so they threw him into a well. Judah said, 'Just throw him into the well. Don't hurt him. After all he is  our own flesh and blood.' Then they found some Ishmaelite traders who were going to Egypt so they sold Joseph for 8 ounces of silver. He became a slave to the general. His wife loved Joseph but Joseph did not want to upset his master so he ran away from her and left his coat. The wife lied and said he had attacked her so the general put him in jail for a couple nights. Then the pharaoh had bad dreams and so he got Joseph because no one else knew what his creams meant. So he could tell him his dreams. His dreams meant there would be 7 years good food and 7 years no food growing. So Joseph said to stock up on all the food on the good years so there would be enough food for the famine. Pharaoh made him right below him and ruler of all Egypt. The only reason Pharaoh was above him was because he is the one who sits on the throne. Pharaoh saw that God was with Joseph and he was wise so he became ruler. He saved his brothers from death during the famine."

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