Monday, September 8, 2014

Reading For Fun

The first thing Hershey said to me today was, "I want to do my schoolwork. I need umm... my paper, ummm... my crayons, my crayons." Then he got out his binder and crayons and got to work beside his brothers.
  • Both boys learned about capitalization in their language lessons books.
  • Skittles math lesson was on tally marks. He said, "I almost forgot about those things." He got a 100%.  Twizzler learned about carrying in multiplication. He had to do a few problems twice because he forgot to add them but he got a 91%. Hershey sorted the counting bears into their color cups again. 
  • Hershey colored an elephant. This week we are learning about the letter E. 
  • Twizzler learned how to write cursive N and n. 
  • After copying their spelling words down. I gave Skittles 4 of his spelling words to look up in the dictionary this week as a vocabulary study. Today he looked up the word, 'insight.' He found it very fast and was pleased that the definition was only 2 words, "understanding, perceptiveness." I told him he has until the end of the week to look up all 4 of the words. 
  • In history we read about the call of Abraham. We learned that he was very old when God called him and Sarah to leave home and become the father of nations. Then the boys wrote about our reading in their journals. 
  • In science we read about points of direction and how to use a compass. 
  • Between lessons this morning, Hershey and Twizzler played guitars and Skittles put together a drum set from buckets around the house. Then they played me a bunch of songs and sang to me. It was awesome. 
  • Skittles and Twizzler are both reading Star Wars books. They are reading The Phantom Menace, but 2 different versions. Skittles is reading the junior fiction version. Twizzler is reading the easy reader version. I am so glad that they are reading for fun again. Hershey and I have been reading, Planting a Rainbow. He flips through the pages and says, "Garden. Garden. Garden."

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