Thursday, October 2, 2014

Here I Am

We got the majority of our school work done before skate day today... The only problem is that Skate day started an hour before I thought it started. So we got there 15 minutes before it was over. OOPS!!! I am not sure why they call it HOMEschooling anyway. We are never home. After skate day, the boys went home with a friend while I ran an errand. I am so blessed to be a part of a community of families who look out for one another. 

  • Both boys got a 95% in math. 
  • Hershey played a Mickey Mouse computer game this afternoon about colors. He is still not sure how to move the cursor around. He needed a lot of help. 
  • They each got only 1 word wrong in spelling. Twizzler spelled 'thunder' his biggest word to date. 
  • In history we read about the Hyksos pharaohs. The pharaoh who gave Joseph a job and his family land, was a Hyksos pharaoh. The pharaohs who killed and enslaved the Israelites were from a different line. The boys worked on their timelines and Skittles wrote a narration. 
  • In science we read about how God is our rock. The boys had to look up the bible verses that tell of Christ as our rock and write down their favorites. Then they had to tell a story about a time when they were going through a storm in life and they God was a rock for them. They both wrote that when their father and I divorced was their greatest storm. I hope and pray that they never have to endure a greater storm than that. 

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