Monday, October 6, 2014

Break Dancing

We are taking the week off from school. We were going to have to skip school on Wednesday anyway so I decided to take the whole week off.

  • Today the kids destroyed the house played inside all morning. 
  • We were invited to try a break dance class this afternoon. Skittles and Twizzler got to try it out. They learned some really cool moves. After the class the instructor told me that Skittles is a natural and he hopes they liked it and I will bring them back. 
  • Then we went for a bike ride. Skittles got a new bike for his birthday yesterday. He was dying to take it out for a spin. He looks so grown up on a big bike. 
  • I went to my bible study tonight. We discussed Moses and the ten commandments. We compared them to the rules of the road. Those rules were not made to oppress us, they were made to keep us safe. The same goes with the ten commandments.  God gave us those rules to keep us safe, safe from pain, broken hearts, and eternal separation from our creator. 
  • The boys each worked on their Awana books before bed. 

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