Monday, October 13, 2014

I Survived Monday

This week I am plunging back into the work force. I am having to rely on family and friends to help me with the kids. Last night I put all of the boys school work into their binders and filled out their assignment sheets so that they can complete their work independently. This afternoon when I got home from work I opened up the boys binders and looked at their completed work. 
  • Neither boy had done their Language Lessons. So My first order of business was to get them to complete those. Skittles is working on when to use 'a' or 'an'. Twizzler memorized and recited the poem about how many days are in each month. 
  • Skittles had some computer trouble with the laptop and was not able to do his math. It was an easy fix. He simply had turned the mouse pad off. I turned it back on and he got 100%. Twizzler got a 92% and he had his completed before I came home. 
  • Both boys had to redo their writing assignments. Skittles still tends to make his cursive 'a' like an 's.' So I showed him how to form it correctly on the white board. I think Twizzler was overwhelmed with starting whole words. They were a mess. So we erased them all and started again. This time I drew the lines on the whiteboard and we went through each letter step by step together. It made a huge difference. He did much better. 
  • In history the boys read about Hammurabi, why and how he set about making the code for his kingdom. He did not want to be a tyrant so he tried to make his rules just and even made himself submissive to them. 
  • Both boys had copied their spelling words but they needed some correction and Twizzler had forgotten to copy his first sentence.
  • Nana read Twizzler his science reading. Skittles did his on his own. I helped Twizzler find some examples of storms in some books I have about weather. Skittles wrote out the characteristics of different storms. I let Twizzler just draw a picture of the storms and discuss the characteristics with me. 
  • Skittles read about the infamous pod race in the Phantom Menace. Twizzler started reading 'Watch Out For Jabba The Hutt" I am pretty sure he has read it before but since he is still at the sounding out words stage, I am not too worried about him reading it again. He is building confidence and fluency right now. They both gave me a narration of their readings when I got home. 
  • Last but never least, the boys worked on their Awana books. I know most homeschoolers start their day with their devotions and bible studies. For my family, it just works for us to end our day with that. 
  • After our school work was done we picked up our other friends from their school and we all went to break dancing class at church. I can't even believe the moves that these kids have. They are so cool. It also gives Hershey and I an hour of one on one time. He tells me all sorts of silly and important 2 year old things when he has my undivided attention. 
I got to go to my own bible study tonight. Mondays seem to be the hardest day of the week for me. And today especially with starting a new job, getting school done, taking the kids to dance, cooking dinner, etc.. I was just really worn out. It would be so easy to just put my feet up and not go but every week is so rewarding for me. I love the group I am a part of. I love diving deep into God's word.

This week we are learning about the Israelites wandering in the dessert for 40 years. Sometimes I give my kids 2 choices, both of them will get what I want but they get to choose how to get that outcome. I kind of made that deal with my kids today. I told them either you can stay home with Nana and get your school work done while I am at work OR you can go to public school and get your work done while I am at work. Those are your only 2 options because you HAVE to do school work. That part is not optional. The only thing that is optional is where you do that work. I think we have come to an understanding. I think that was how God handled the Isrealites. They had the choice to go to the promised land now and trust that God had it all under control OR wander in the dessert for 40 years and let their children trust that God could get them into the promised land.  And I am sure that the Isrealites came to understand God also. 

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