Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mommy Stuff

It really is easier to go to work all day than to stay home and teach. I have been cleaning and teaching and cooking all day. Oh and kissing boo-boos, running errands, the usual Mommy stuff. I need a break from my day off. 
  • In Language Lessons, Twizzler and I discussed leap year. Skittles read about plural nouns. 
  • In math Skittles learned about carrying when multiplying. Twizzler learned about rounding to the nearest ten. Both boys got a 95%. 
  • Twizzler and I did his writing together again. Skittles made sure his cursive a's did not look like s's. 
  • We read some more about Hammurabi in history. We read and discussed some of his laws. We agreed that most of them sounded fair and just. There was one law we were not too sure about. "If a surgeon operates on a person and that person dies, he shall have his hand cut off." Hmmm... That does not sound wise to me. I am sure that most surgeons would agree. Then they made their own rules. Here are Skittles, 
  • They did a good job copying their spelling sentences and their oral review went great too. 
  • In science the boys just colored a picture of a raccoon using a picture from our field guide for reference. 
  • They both read a bit from their Star Wars books and narrated back to me what they read. 
  • And we finished up with Awana. I told them to read the verse they are trying to memorize. Then cover it with their hand and see how much of it they can remember. If they get stuck, they can lift their hand and look again. When they are able to recite the whole verse from memory without lifting their hand, then they can come tell it to me. 
  • Tonight we are going to Parkour. The kids can't wait. I am using it as motivation to get their room clean. 

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