Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Do You Know What Day It Is???

I went to work today again and came home to find that the boys did in fact finish all of their school work while I was gone. They even got to go to park day without me thanks to a friend. When I came home I got out their binders and went through all of their work. 
  • Skittles worked on plural nouns some more in his language lessons. Twizzler copied the names of the seasons. 
  • Skittles got 100% on his math quiz and Twizzler got 95%.
  • In history they did some research on archaeology. 
  • In science they did some research on raccoons. Twizzler wrote that he thought having a raccoon for a pet would be funny but both boys wrote that it would be a bad idea because they bite. 
  • I looked over their spelling assignments and did their oral review with them. 
  • They both narrated to me what they read about in their Star Wars books. 
  • They worked on their Awana books and got some more pages signed off tonight at church. 
  • They went to choir tonight also. I count this as music for them. I loved being in the children's choir as a child. I still remember all the songs that we performed. They bring my comfort and joy to this day. I hope that my boys feel the same one day. 

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