Monday, October 20, 2014

I Don't Know You But Your Fez is Familiar....

Today we went on a field trip to a Cowart farm with our homeschool group. We walked through a "corn" maze actually it was not corn. It was another plant, sorghum or broomcorn, that looks like corn and is used to preserve the soil when the field is not in use. 
We also went on a hayride, raced down a slide on burlap sacks, played in a huge pool of feed corn, roped pretend cattle, had rubber duck races using an old style water pump to push them to their finish line, and we got to see and pet some common farm animals. We also got a brief lesson on how a pumpkin grows from a seed. 

On our way to and from the farm, we did our school work in the car, well anything that we could do in the car. 
  • Language lessons are easy to do in the car. Twizzler just had to find the subject of 3 sentences and circle them. Skittles just had to write the plural spelling for 4 words. He pluralized 'fez' as 'fezzes' I thought it was supposed to be fezes. I had to look it up. He was right, although both spellings are correct. 
  • We had to do math when we got home because we use Teaching Textbooks and lessons are done on the computer. Skittles is learning about angles and Twizzler is learning about rounding to the nearest hundred. 
  • Skittles did his writing in the car but Twizzler is still just learning to write in cursive so we did it together again. He is getting it. 
  • We read about how the plagues of Egypt correlate to the gods of Egypt and that God used those specific plagues because he knew they would be well understood by the Egyptian people.
  • Spelling is another subject that is easy to do in the car. They just copied their words and copied the first sentence. Since I was driving, I had them read their words to me and spell them aloud before copying them. 
  • Skittles read half of the chapter for science in the car. Then I had them complete their work page. We will read the rest of the chapter tomorrow. They had to draw what a deciduous tree looks like in each of the 4 seasons. We have studied this before so it was review. It still opened up a great discussion about the changing of seasons effects on trees. 
  • We stopped off at break dancing class on our way home. The boys learned some new moves today. They are having so much fun in that class. There is a ballet class after break dancing. It me smile to see the contrast of the break dancing kids coming out wearing running pants, t-shirts, and sneakers. Then all of these graceful ballerinas in their leotards and toe shoes prance in with their hair pulled up. They look so precious. It reminds me of my days in ballet. 
  • They could have easily done their Awana in the car but by the time we got to that subject we were already home. They both worked on their pages after dinner. 

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