Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Today we started school at home and finished it on the road. It was a good day though. we got a lot done.

  • In language, Skittles learned about abbreviations for states. Then he wrote out the name of our state and the abbreviation. Twizzler had to complete a couple sentences by adding a predicate to a subject already given. 
  • Twizzler is learning about fractions in math. He got 100%. Skittles got 95% he got one problem wrong because he had written the problem down incorrectly on his scrap paper. 
  • In history we read about the Hyksos in Egypt. How they used weapons that the Egyptians had never seen before to take over the country. Their rule did not last very long though because the Egyptians overthrew them using their own weapons against them.  
Egyptian Pharoah
  • In science they looked up what a hickory tree looks like in their field guide. Then they sketched it into their journals along with a description of the tree. 
  • The boys have almost completed their readings for the Book It program this month. They will earn their free pizzas this week. 

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