Monday, November 10, 2014

Back on Track

We had such a nice school day today. When I told them it was time to start school Twizzler started to grumble and Skittles said, "Mom gave us a whole week off from school last week, no complaining," and jut like that, Twizzler turned his attitude around. 
  • In Language Lessons, Skittles learned that verb is a word that shows action. Twizzler made up a sentence of his own then circled the subject and underlined the predicate. 
  • In math, Skittles learned how to add with 4 digit numbers. Twizzler learned about sequences. Hershey wanted to do school today too. I had printed off a fall preschool pack from homeschool creations. He sorted the leaves and apples. 
  • They all did their handwriting. Hershey was supposed to trace a dotted line from a rake to the leaves. It was beyond his skill level though. He just scribbled on it which is okay too for a 2 year old. 
  • In history we read about the Assyrians. They were a very tough group of people in ancient days. The Israelites had to fight them a few times. Our book also introduced us to the Phoenecians, Hittities, Philistines, and Canaanites. 
  • In spelling the boys started their new words in week 12. All of Twizzlers words show how 'c' makes an 's' sound when it is in front of am 'i' or and 'e' and sometimes a 'y'.
  • In science we started to learn about DINOSAURS!!! I am SO excited! We read the first chapter about a baby triceratops as it hatched from its egg. Then they colored a picture of a triceratops. 
  • Skittles read a chapter of his Star Wars book. He is almost done with it. I wish he had finished it last week but I did not have the energy to badger them about reading. Twizzler read about half of  Danny and the Dinosaur. He loved it. 
  • The older boys worked on their Awana books when all of their school work was done. 
  • After school we went to break dancing class. I had some car trouble so I did not get to watch them as they learned their new moves. 

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