Sunday, November 9, 2014

Dr. Mom

Last week Hershey had a very bad asthma attack that landed him in the hospital for a few days. It was very scary. They sent him home with 7 prescriptions. When the pharmacist handed me the bag of medicine, I asked her if I could bring a nurse home with me. One medicine has to be administered on a full stomach. One medicine has a decreasing dose. One has to be given every morning and another every night.

I was scared I would not be able to keep track. I have a dry erase board that I use to write down prayer requests. This week it has been my nursing chart. 

I made note of the decreasing dosage for the steroids so that I would not forget what the dose was each day.

We have not done much school work. Hershey and I have just been resting and recovering. Skittles and Hershey had co-op on Friday. Hershey stayed with Nana. Tomorrow we will get back to work. 

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