Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dinosaurs for Dinner

It is cold here in Florida. Don't scoff at me northerners! I heard you! It was 48* today. It could get into the 20*s tonight. That is below freezing ya know. Brrrrr...... Just because it is colder where you are doesn't mean you can turn your nose up at those of us shivering in the sunshine state. I had to buy socks for Hershey today people! Flip flop season is over. We might as well be in Arendelle! 

I don't like cold. My body HATES cold. All day my body has been aching like I ran a marathon yesterday. Not that I would know from experience. I only run when I am being chased by a villain or monster. Neither have happened since childhood. My running came to an end not long after my imagination. 

We did not even start school work today until mid afternoon. 
  • In math Twizzler learned about using the least number of coins to buy something. He had to watch the lecture 3 times and still needed my help to understand how to solve these problems. Skittles learned about changing numbers with decimal points into whole numbers. 
  • Twizzler is still doing copywork in his language book. Skittles had to find the verbs and adjectives in some sentences. 
  • After the boys completed their spelling copywork, I gave them an oral drill. I asked them to spell the words from their list aloud. Whenever they got a word wrong, I made a mark next to it and they took it to their seat and wrote the word 3 times each. 
  • Our history lesson was on the many dynasties that ruled in China over the centuries. After our reading they had to find one important thing to write about each dynasty for their journal. They both needed help. I showed them how to look up the first 2. 
  • Science was fun. We looked up information about Tyrannosaurus Rex in our Dinosaur A to Z Encyclopedia.  Then they had to tell what they know about T-rex. Both of them tried to just write one sentence answers. I sent the papers back and told them to tell me EVERYTHING they know about T-rex. I had Twizzler dictate to me his T-Rex facts. When they were done, they had both filled a whole page. 
Yesterday I made Stir Fry as an accidental bonus to our study of China. Really I did not plan it. Tonight I made chicken nuggets that happened to be shaped like dinosaurs. I swear I am not usually the type of homeschool mom who incorporates meals into my lessons but it is neat when it just works out that way.

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