Friday, January 16, 2015


We started back at co-op today. It was great seeing friends that we have not seen since before Christmas. 
  • Hershey learned about snow in my preschool class. We read, There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow.  Then we made snowmen and added Psalm 147:16 to the picture. We talked about how God made the snow. Then we traced different snowflake patterns and talked about how the God makes each snowflake different. We also stamped and counted snowballs. 
  • Twizzler made a lion in his art class. 
  • Skittles built a tower out of marshmallows, craft sticks, and spaghetti noodles. 
When we got home we had a few more things to get done for school. 
  • Skittles is learning to do division problems with a remainder Twizzler is still working on multiplication tables. He got 100%. 
  • Twizzler found the subject and the predicate in a sentence in Language Lessons. Skittles un-contracted some contractions. 
  • Hershey made a dinosaur with his play dough. 

  • Twizzler and I worked on his Awana book. He is determined to finish his book this year. He is working on one activity per night. 
  • Skittles read another chapter in Robin Hood. 
  • Hershey mostly kept his training pants dry all day today. It is harder for him to remember to go to the potty when we are out and about and we were out and about a lot today. 
  • Tonight I was reminded that I need to pray that I can be a bold witness for Christ. So just in case you have not heard it lately, Jesus loves you. He knows you are not perfect and he still loves you. He knows you are good and do good things but you still need him. He desires a relationship with you. Being a Christian is no about following rules. It is about following Jesus. 

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