Thursday, January 15, 2015

Snow Day

We don't have snow days in Florida. We just have cold, rainy days. Today was one of those days. It was pretty bad outside. So we mostly stayed inside. I made cabbage soup for dinner. It was delicious. I wish I had some hardtack to go with it. I felt like I was right back in my Swedish Grandmother's house. My house smells like her trailer right now. I am loving it. 
  • In language Skittles turned some pairs of words into contractions. Twizzler circled the capitol letters in a sentence. 
  • In math Skittles did long division. Twizzler learned about the multiplication table. 
  • Twizzler completed his final lesson in the Pictures in Cursive Primer book. I am so proud of him. I really was not convinced that he was ready to begin cursive this year but he has done a great job. 
  • In science they did research on Elasmosaurus and used that information to answer questions about the creature
  • They wrote in their history journals about David and Goliath. Skittles looked up bible verses and then wrote what they were about. They both put together their timelines. 
  • I made some snow for Hershey to play with using shaving cream and baking soda. He had a great time making a mess.  
  • Twizzler timed himself while putting cards with the books of the bible in order tonight for Awana. He got it done in 9 minutes. He can recite them in order in mess than a minute but reading them, finding the right one, and then placing it in order is a challenge for him. 
  • Hershey has been using the potty for the past 3 days!!! I am getting hopeful that we can ditch the diapers soon, 

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