Tuesday, February 10, 2015


When I started this blog, my focus was on my family, our homeschool experience. I was so stressed out at the end of each day. I wanted to start focusing on the good things to help put the negative things into perspective. This blog helped me to do just that. In the beginning, I was still stressed all day long. However, at the end of the day when I started typing out the good things, those light bulb moments, the times when I knew they were learning something big or little, it made me smile. I would go to bed refreshed and ready for the next day. Eventually, I started noticing those positive moments while they were happening. I would think to myself, "That is something for the blog." 

Then there were days when almost nothing good happened. I think everyone can relate to those days. I wanted to stay positive though so I would focus on something like, "We survived math today." "No one died during our language lesson." Of course I couldn't write that per se, so I wrote, "Twizzler learned how to write words in alphabetical order." It was a small victory but a victory nonetheless. 

Then there is the whole keeping it equal thing. Sometimes one child has a very bad day and another has a really good day. I didn't want it to look like I was playing favorites. I did not want someone reading to think that one child was smarter than the others. I ended up making very boring statements like, "Skittles learned long division today and Twizzler learned about even and odd numbers." When in reality Skittles spent an hour, in tears at the computer with me walking him through each problem step by step and still got an 86% but Twizzler picked up his new concept on the first try and got a 100%. 

I realize that my blog has become boring. I mean, even I am bored reading it and it is about MY kids. I am bored writing it. It is becoming a chore. I am no longer focusing on the positive things that happened. I am just telling you what was on my lesson plans. You guys don't want to read my lesson plans. 

I have been thinking about why I even started this blog in the first place. I want to focus on the WINS of the day. I want to be an encouragement to other homeschool families. I want to be a resource for families who are just starting out or thinking about homeschooling. I want to have discussions with my readers. I want feedback. I want to hear YOUR wins for the day. 

So I have decided to make a Facebook page. I will be able to post on there daily. This means I will probably only blog once or twice per week. On FB I can post a quick word of encouragement, share links, post pictures, and most importantly communicate with my readers. I want to take a step back from blogging where I am the writer and you are the reader and instead build a community of encouragement. 

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