Friday, March 20, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up School by the Pool

The weather has been in the 80s here this week. So we got to work in my favorite classroom. 

It is amazing what a great motivator a sparkling pool is. Our pool over-looks a small river and is covered with shady oak trees. It is so peaceful and we need peace this time of year. For the past 3 years right around this time, Skittles starts to try and boycott school work. He starts to throw little temper tantrums and complain that he is bored. The first year I was ready to sell him to the gypsies. Last year I was ready to enroll him in school. This year I have made peace with it and accepted it for what it is, a phase he goes through each year. I think the cause is a combination of beautiful weather and being so close to the end of our curriculum. We only have 7 more weeks of school. Until then, I am going to use the sunshine to my advantage. 

Language Lessons - One thing no one ever complains about is our language arts program. Skittles has been learning about combining sentences and avoiding run-on sentences in Language Lessons. Twizzler has been practicing nouns, pronouns, and verbs. 

Twizzler's spelling words were all 'ow' words. This week I had them define a few of the words on Monday when they copied them down. Then they worked on their sentences the rest of the week with a better understanding of the words' meanings. 

Skittles wanted to learn how to draw so I got him 'Draw and Write Through History Creation Through Jonah.' It is a nice history recap. This is the first time writing cursive on plain lined paper. This first week has been a struggle.
    Twizzler's picture study this week was of 'Admiring the Picture' by Johan Georg Meyer Von Bremen. We are also working on the direction that he writes his letters. I showed him which direction they should be going. Then I showed him the directions that his letters are going now. 

    Math- The boys are back in their Teaching Textbooks lessons. Twizzler is whipping right through his math problems now that he has his math facts memorized. I will be adding the rest of my math facts worksheets to this blog soon. I had them all done and saved to my laptop right before the laptop died. 

    History- We read about the founding of Rome. We read about their gods, the way their government worked, and they way they built their empire. Skittles is already familiar with the Greek gods so he had no problem connecting them to their Roman counterparts. 

    Science-  Twizzler is still learning about the 5 senses. This week he learned about skin and the sense of touch. Skittles is still learning about space. He made some constellations. 

    Reading-  Twizzler read a couple more of Aesop's fables this week. He finished them up very fast and then skipped ahead to next week's story in his book. Skittles is enjoying reading the Hobbit. He complained that yesterday's chapter was 16 pages long but he was happy to see that today's chapter was only 6 pages long.

    Bible-  Both boys have hit a stall in their Awana work. Skittles finished his book but he can work on his silver and Gold awards. Twizzler still has one chapter left to finish. He just stopped because Skittles stopped I guess. So we are going to be working on Awana this weekend. 

    PE- I am having a hard time making the break dance lessons fit into our schedule. So, this week the boys were able to go back to Parkour classes. They really had fun and came back covered in sweat. 

    Music- The boys are still in choir. This week they are singing. Skittles has his very first solo performance. I can't wait.

    Home Ec- Skittles helped me cook a big breakfast today. Because of his help I was able to sit down with everyone and eat while my food was still hot. Usually I would still be in the kitchen flipping pancakes when the sausage and eggs were served along with the first round of pancakes. I doubled the amount of pancakes than I usually make and stored the rest for breakfast tomorrow. 

    Sunday, after church, the boys went to Trail Life. Skittles learned about ancestry and mapped out what he knew of his family tree. Twizzler learned about maps, globes, and GPS. They toured the world using Google Earth. We looked for the Nazca lines but could not find them. ??? I thought they could only be seen from the sky. 

    This week Hershey learned about St. Patrick's day, rainbows, and money. He also mastered pooping on the potty! I have been rewarding him with a sticker each time he makes it to the potty. We don't put them on a chart. He would much rather put it on himself.

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