Friday, April 3, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up Flying

Skittles has been dreaming of being a pilot since he was in Kindergarten. I could write a book on his obsession but I won't. If you know him, you know that he only has 2 loves in this whole world, Minecraft and aviation. 

I am afraid of flying. The thought of my baby in an airplane is scary to me. It does not scare him though. I am confident that this is a desire that God has put in his heart. I know that God can use Skittles to do mighty things for Him up in the air and around the world. I have been praying for God to open doors for him to realize this dream. Recently I learned about a program called Civil Air Patrol. We went to a meeting on Monday night and it was surreal for me. My baby, my tiny little miracle, my little boy, walked into a room full of soldiers.... umm, I mean airmen, and he fit right in... HE FIT RIGHT IN! I knew this was where God was putting him. This is where he belongs. sigh. Pass me the Xanex Kleenex. 

I should not be surprised. Military is in this boy's blood. His father, grandfather, 3 great grandfathers, 1 uncle and 3 great uncles all served in a branch of the military. 1 grandmother, 1 great grandmother, and at least 1 great aunt were or are flight attendants. Oh and one uncle is a skydiver! Flying is in this kid's DNA. Scary for me, exciting for him. But God has not given me a spirit of fear. 3 years ago I would have told him that flying was completely out of the question but my relationship with the Lord has grown. Now I know that whatever happens is God's will, not mine. The best thing for me to do is make sure Skittles knows who Jesus is and to pray for him. 

Language- Twizzler is working on parts of sentences. He began the week focusing on verbs and nouns and ended the week studying the subject and predicate. Skittles learned about lyric poems. Then he had to choose a subject to write about and write his own lyric poem. Can you guess which topic he chose?
I got into my plane
I taxied down the lane
I took off with a loud hum
We flew away having lots of fun 

Math-  Skittles has been working on different units of measurement all week. Twizzler has been learning about angles. 

History- We have been reading about life in ancient Rome. We read about the life of a gladiator. Then we read about the Punic Wars. 

Science- Twizzler finished his unit on the five senses yesterday. He learned about the sense of touch, skin, and blood this week. Skittles wrapped up his unit on outer space. Lucky for us the moon has been especially beautiful and bold so we went out and observed it with our telescopes. 

Literature- Skittles is zooming through The Hobbit and loving it. Twizzler read some fairy tales this week, Rumpelstiltskin and Rapunzel.

Preschool- Hershey and I have been learning about Easter this week. We colored in a picture of a bunny and traced the letters Bb. He colored an egg and traced the letters Ee. We counted Easter Eggs. We also hid and found them. We filled them with rice and danced to the music they made. We read the Tale of Peter Cottontail. We talked about gardens, rabbits, and obeying Mommy.

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