Sunday, April 26, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up Spring Fever

Spring is such a tough time of year for us. I have no idea why but Skittles goes through a phase every year around this time where he starts grumbling and completely fighting me each day on school work. I call it spring fever. Last year I was actually looking into private schools, I was so done.

This week was very hard. Skittles and Twizzler are fighting. Twizzler and Hershey are fighting. Skittles and I are fighting. Everyone has been miserable. I am posting this Weekly Wrap-Up so late because we did not finish our school week until bedtime Sunday night.

Language Lessons- Twizzlers copied a poem, Little Things by Julia Carney. Skittles has been reviewing adjectives and adverbs.

Math- Skittles has been working a lot with fractions and mixed numbers. Twizzler has been learning geometry.

Writing- Twizzler's picture study was, Playing at Horse and Cart by Harry Brooker. Skittles copied a page about ancient Egypt and drew some Egyptian images from his Draw and Write Through History book.

History- We read about ancient China. We read about their writing and learned about Confucius. They also read about the Great Wall of China.

Spelling- Twizzler's spelling words all had 'ie' in them. I had him write out when the 'ie' made a long e sound and which words it made a short e sound. Skittles words were a piece of cake for him.

Science- Skittles finished up a unit on bees. He has been giving us little facts about bees for the last 2 weeks. Twizzler is in the middle of a unit on outer space. He learned about the moon and sun. He learned how the moon effects the earth's tides. He also learned about telescopes.

Reading- Skittles started reading Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. He is enjoying an easy read after reading Robin Hood and The Hobbit. Twizzler read some tall tales about Paul Bunyan. Then he made a diorama of Paul in a forest in his book club.

Bible- Both boys finished their Awana books this year!!! I am so proud of them.

I have been so busy fighting with Skittles and Twizzler to do their school work that I have not done anything with Hershey. He wants to do school work so badly though. He does color daily. He even carries around a little notebook and pen. He tells me that he is doing his school as he scribbles away with a very serious look on his face.

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