Friday, May 15, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up: Taking Off!

I FINALLY have a new computer. I decided not to get another laptop. I have gone through 3 laptops in the past 6 years but my 11 year-old PC is still running like a champ. Unfortunately it is so outdated that I can't run anything new on it. I kept the dinosaur for the kids to do their school work on but I have a new computer for myself. So I can BLOG again!!! YAY!!

So not much has changed since I blogged last. We are wrapping up our school year. Skittles and Twizzler are almost done with their curriculum.

Both boys have a few more weeks of Language Lessons. Twizzler is copying a cowboy poem. Skittles is working on some review.

Twizzler has a few more weeks of math but Skittles will be done next week. I stopped a few times with Twizzler this year and last year to work on math facts.

Skittles is writing and drawing about the Exodus from Egypt. Twizzler has finished his Pics in Cursive books for this year. For now he is just working on letter formation using a cursive writing pad I got from the Dollar Tree.

In history this week we read about the birth and death of Christ. We already studied this at Christmas and Easter at church since we were doing the Story. So we did not spend too much time on it.

Twizzler really struggled with his spelling words last week so this week we have just been reviewing the same words. Skittles is almost done with his spelling book too.

In science, Twizzler is learning about habitats and how the earth changed after the flood. Skittles is learning about flight. He has been so excited to start this PACE. He wants to be a pilot one day.

Skittles is reading Treasure Island for literature. He wasn't sure that he would want to read it because it is such a thick book but I told him that this is the original pirate story. It is an adventure to read and once he starts, he won't want to put it down. I am working on his written narrations. I am trying to draw out more info from him. Twizzler is reading Revolutionary War on Wednesday. He just recently began to read Magic Treehouse books on his own. I love seeing both of my kids curled up reading chapter books. 

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