Friday, May 22, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up: ALMOST DONE!!!

I thought we were going to be done this week. We have finished up a lot of stuff but we have some more to go. 

Language Lessons- Usually I do a 32 week school year but our curriculum is 180 lessons. So we still have a month left. However after this week, I will let the kids do as many lesson per day as they want to get the book finished early. Skittles and Twizzler are copying poems this week. 

Math- Skittles finished Teaching Textbooks 5 on Tuesday. Now he is just practicing his math facts using fun apps on his tablet each day; Medieval Math Battle is his favorite. 

Writing- Twizzler is still working on cursive letter formation. This week he worked on letters I-L. Skittles wrote about the Trojan War and drew a picture of the Trojan horse. 

History- We have been reading about the Roman Empire in Story of the World. This week we learned about the persecution of the Christians and then the first Christian Emperor. 

Spelling- Twizzler studied words ending in the letter -y. Skittles completed his final week in Learn to Spell Through Copywork book C. 

Science- Skittles is having a ball finishing up his PACE about Flight. Twizzler is still learning about different habitats. 

Reading- Twizzler finished Revolutionary War on Wednesday. He is just gobbling up these Magic Treehouse books.  Skittles is about half way through Treasure Island. 

We had our co-op promotion night tonight.  I can't believe that Skittles is going to be a middle schooler and Hershey is a preschooler. I am very proud of Twizzler who has come such a long way in his reading this year.

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