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Our Curriculum 2015-2016

2015-2016 Curriculum
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Daily learning notebook-  
Most days, not every day, we try to start off with just going over the weather, calendar, and etc. I printed off the pages and put them in a presentation book. The pages slip into the plastic covers of the book and can be written on and wiped away each day. 

Hershey uses the Preschool notebook. There are also pages with letters, numbers, and shapes. We use them with his preschool curriculum. 

Again, we do not do these EVERY day but we are trying to start the school day with prayer and bible study. These books can be done independently but we mostly go over them as a family and discuss them together. 

We switched to Story of the World this year for a few reasons. We do not use the activity book. We read the story together. After the story, the boys give me an oral narration and I write down key words on the white board. Then they use those key words to create a written narration in their notebooks. 
I found these awesome timeline cards that go with Volume 2.  I also found a tutorial on how to make them smaller. We are entering them into a timeline I created myself.

We are doing just one lesson per week from this book. There is one activity per lesson as well as questions for each age group and vocabulary words. 
I am using maps I printed from dmaps.

Art appreciation and Cursive 
This cursive writing program is awesome. I was skeptical when I ordered it last year but I thought at the very least we could use it as a picture study. Twizzler learned how to read and write in cursive using these books. They are beautiful, simple, and effective. 

Math is a touchy subject among homeschoolers. It is a struggle to find what works for your family. We have been using this for 3 years now and it is fantastic. The best part is that they don't not just give the answers but they walk you through how to get the answers for EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM! 

I LOVE English. It was always my favorite subject in school but I struggled to find a program that I loved to teach and they loved to learn.... until last year. Queen's Language Lessons are just the best Charlotte Mason inspired language arts program out there. It is my favorite subject again and my kids love it too. 

Twizzler is using PACES this year. We have clearly veered off of the Charlotte Mason path in this subject. I taught science and nature studies for YEARS using CM's methods but it was not working for us any more. A friend of mine talked me into giving ACE a try and the kids LOVE it. 

Skittles is taking an online science class through Florida Virtual School. This is our first venture into the public school world. Although he would prefer to be using PACES, we are giving this a try. 

This is our second year using this series. Like all things by Queen, it is simple and effective. 

Literature and Reading
Twizzler is using Hooked on Phonics Master Reader program this year to help with his fluency. So far he loves it! 

Skittles is not using a reading program. I have not had to use one for him in years. We just choose a variety of good literature to read from. After each chapter he writes a brief narration about his reading in a notebook. 

We use copywork for handwriting, poetry, character building, and for examples of good grammar. 
Skittles is working through Copywork for Boys.

Twizzler is working through Copywork for Little Boys. 

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