Friday, September 4, 2015

Week 1 - A Rough Start!

We began school just one week after moving into our new home. We did not even have a table to set our books on. 

I posted pictures of our first day of school throughout the day for family and friends. From Facebook, it looked like we were having a lovely day. What a JOKE!

Each one of us took turns crying at some point. I bawled my eyes out and cried out to God, "WHY?!? Why are you making me do this?!? We are all miserable!"

  • Skittles struggled with his new science program. It is an online course and learning how to navigate it was a nightmare the first week.
  • Twizzler had not yet finished his math from last year. He had 4 lessons to complete before he could move on to this year's math. Those 4 days were awful. It took him a couple of hours each day to get through. 
  • Hershey started his first week of preschool. We learned about Cows, squares, the number 1, and the letter A. One of his lessons was to glue squares onto a big letter A. After I got him all set up he told me, "You are ruining my life" When his brother's heard this they felt very ashamed. They had been yelling this at me all week. Hearing our little parrot echo their sentiment over a simple art project gave them a reality check.

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