Friday, September 11, 2015

Week 2 Was A Blast

This week has gone so much better. School work is taking about 4 hours to complete each day for Skittles and Twizzler. Hershey's lesson is about 30 minutes tops.  

  • This week we were thrilled to find an experiment in our geography curriculum. We learned about tectonic plates and the layers of the earth and of course, volcanoes. So we got to make a volcano. I found this awesome Pin on how to make a volcano. We enjoyed it so much that we made it erupt like 10 times. 
  • Skittles is finally getting the hang of his science class and has worked a little bit ahead. 
  • Twizzler is doing Hooked on Phonics this year for reading. Even though he is able to read, he still struggles with sounding out new words especially if they are longer. So far he loves it and I am amazed each day with the fluency he is able to read his assignment after each lesson. 
  • Hershey likes to listen to our read aloud lessons and he even insists on notebooking along with us. He has his own notebook and he "writes" on the lines. 
We had our first week back at co-op. We are only going a half day, every other week which is so good for us this year. The kids are taking some great classes. Skittles and Twizzler are taking Music and Spanish. Skittles is also taking a finance class. Twizzler is taking a manners class. Hershey is taking American Sign Language, a bug class, and Show and tell. I am teaching a bug class (shudder) and show and tell.... I am sticking to the less-nasty bugs. This week we learned about butterflies.

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