Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mummies and Pharoahs

We are studying Egypt right now. When I told Skittles that we were going to learn about Mummies, he cried. He has been scared of Mummies his whole life I am not sure why. I knew that if he learned more about them, the fear would subside. I was looking for a good living book on Egypt at the library. Mixed in among the books was a Magic Tree House research book for Mummies in the Morning by Mary Pope Osborne. My children LOVE Magic Tree House books. I have always had mixed feeling about the series myself. They are very fantastical but they seem to be presented as factual. That is why I love the research guides. The Osbornes have gone back and really researched the subject matter and it is presented in a fun way. He dreaded the start of this week but he was excited that we were reading Magic Tree House. 
We have been reading Mummies in the Morning for literature. Then for history we read a chapter from the research guide. It has been so much fun. Skittles LOVES reading these books. He told our Gpa this week that he is no longer afraid of mummies. He has also been talking non stop about Egypt. 
Of course, there are some great ideas for activities on Egypt at Lesson Pathways
Also, I just found out that Magic Tree House has a website with games and activities relating to each of the books.!!!! I can't wait to show it to my 1st tomorrow. 

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